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Memories of Beltain (2006)

The Earth feels our step,
                   green sap rises high
Feeling wind on our faces,
                   and the sun in the sky

Memories of Litha (2006)      

Power at the height of summer,      
        brings magick and mystery.   
 Knot the cord and say the vow,  
    and then begin the revelry!  

Surprise and joy!         
              ...a witch is born...  

Memories of Lammas (2006)

  Lazy summer days                  
              Soup and wheat and bread
  Having a beer,                         
    And feeling well fed!

 Thank you Goddess,               
     and Lord Barleycorn
      for reminding us of how wealthy we are!

Memories of Mabon  (2006)      

Ancient spirit of the hunt...               
              We called to You with our hearts          
    You opened Your doors                
                     and we danced through your realm,          
           connected in time by steps as old as human memory,
                          which we made sacred,..once again        

  Memories of Samhain (2006)

Reflecting on accomplishments
Adding obstacles to the fire
Walking, unseeing, into mystery
Leaving the old beneath the mould

Wrapped in the warm night
Drawn toward an answering flame
Gifts found and taken
And futures begun again.....

Memories of Yule  (2006)

While a gathering of folk waited for the sun
they called to the man of green about what could be done

"Share your gifts! Show you care!
Give whatever you can spare

For tucked into his beard so green,
were all the seeds that sleep unseen

Memories of Imbolg (2007)

Late winter tightens its grip
But we know Kore shall give it the slip
We all await with bated breath
As the Spring makes good its promise

In sync we are with life’s subtle stirrings
Making sacred our work for the coming year
  So Mote It Be!