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Ma'athea Alea , HPS

My relationship with the coven, the Earth, and the God/desses have truly changed my paradigm about the world and all its myriad connections and interactions.  I find this coven and the magick an integral part of my personal growth and sanity – it has especially helped me develop my intuitive skills and to learn to trust myself and my power. I use the magick as a way to help me focus on bringing positive changes in my life, for I know to be balanced, I must live in both the magickal and mundane worlds in a functional way. I am now 44, have 2 wonderful children, work full-time as a chemist, and keep very busy. In addition to ritual creation and admin for the coven, I am the webmistress and enjoy drumming within the context of sacred space, science, gardening, nature, cooking, needlework and reading. And most of all, besides my family, this coven means the world to me. I believe we become the solid walls of our cauldron, in which the flames of our will burn bright and strong. 

I started WeavingFlame Coven on Samhain of 2005, after it became clear to do so. WeavingFlame is the daughter coven of MotherChant, from which I received my training and worked with for a total of 15 years. We follow some MotherChant coven traditions, while continuing to grow magickally and creatively.

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Comments from some of our members:

1. How long have you considered yourself part of the magickal community, and how long have you been in this coven and/or its mother coven? How has being open to the magick affected you in that time?

I have considered myself part of the magic community for 10 years.  I have been with Weaving Flame for one year.  The longer I am part of the magickal community the more I see my life change around me.  I am more aware of my feelings and the emotions of others.  I have become very sensitive to negativity and do all I can to steer clear. It physically effects me.  I am more self aware and more appreciative of the Earth and all Mother Goddess provides us. {Anwynn}

Throughout various phrases of my life, I improvised rituals and nature-based magick inherently.  I did not identify or associate with specific names or formalities simply because I was not aware of exactly what it was I was doing.  Also, these very raw practices did not fit into any other dogmas that I had been taught.  All I knew was that it all innocently made sense to me.  As of 2007, I have been studying with Weaving Flame Coven in a more structured fashion.  The camaraderie of generating group energy is a tremendous, positive force.  An analogy would be practicing by yourself then waking up from a wonderful nap feeling content, rested and peaceful where as coven ritual is similar to everyone waking up in the middle of the forest after a full nights sleep then seeing, feeling, hearing and sensing all energies of life that are visible and invisible for the first time over and over again.  {Bonekeeper}    

I have been looking into Wicca for almost 20 years.  I would follow it for a while, get scared and stop.  Once or twice I even tried to go back to Christianity.  Although, that never stuck, as I have never felt that it was for me.  Each time I would come back to Wicca.  It would be like coming home to an old friend.  Each time, the length that I would spend practicing Wicca would grow longer, but still there was that fear.  I was brought up in a strict Mennonite home and a private Christian school.  The fear would always "get" me. Until about 3 1/2 years ago.  I was finally able to let go of the fear.  I have never been happier with my religion.  I have been with Weaving Flame for about 14 months.  Being open to the Magick has allowed me to open up as a person.  I feel more in control, more at one with my space around me. {Aster}

I have been interested and following a pagan path since I was in high school.  I was introduced to Wicca by a friend of mine at 13 when she gave me a book that she thought I would like.  When I read the book I realized that there were others out there that thought like me. Once I knew where to find information, I wanted all I could get. I had a few opportunities to meet up with other pagan groups and to explore my beliefs; however, in 2001 I wanted to find a group that I could meet with and others that I could learn from.  After a year of looking, I met Ma'athea Alea and have been an active member of the coven ever since. {Ipomea Sylvania}

I have been part of the magical community since I was 19, when I found a name for the beliefs that I already held within me. In the fall of 2005, I met up with Delamar and she introduced me to WeavingFlame coven.  {Astrien}

I have been following an earth-based pagan-type path since I was thirteen, and my interest in magick goes back to early childhood.  I’ve been with this coven since its inception and was with its mother coven since October of 2004.  I dedicated to the coven in February of 2005.  Being open to the magick has affected me on all levels.  I’ve gained a much greater respect for myself (which only leads to greater respect for everyone around me, magickal or mundane), healed old wounds and am better able to recognize my blocks/negative thought patterns and behaviors. Visualization has always been difficult for me and my time with the coven has greatly improved my focus.  {Melissa}

Between 3 and thirteen years....It has helped me build a wonderful relationship, family, and life.It has challenged me to keep working on myself, and how I relate to others. It has changed my perspective on mistakes and failures, instead of feeling shame and looking for forgiveness, I feel regret and try to make amends. {Windrider}

I entered the magickal community in 2002, and came to Weaving Flame (then MotherChant) shortly after. Being open to magick has led me on a transformational journey of growth and self discovery. It has brought me to know and love my self more deeply, and has brought me to greater wholeness. It has fostered a deeper connection with the Source, and with all of Life. {Danuael}

Although I've had Pagan tendencies pretty much my whole life, I committed to a pagan spiritual path in the spring of 2004. After two years of reading, investigating and thinking on my own, I began to reach out and connect with other people in the pagan community in the spring of 2006. I connected with the Weaving Flame coven later that summer. Opening to magick has increased my awareness of myself and of the world around me. It has opened up a wholly different dimension of exploration and discovery. {Pinewolf}

2. How do you feel magick helps you make changes in your life?

It gives me strength. It also makes me focus on the real issues.  I have to really think them through, look at the whole picture before I act.  It is one of those “be careful what you wish for” things. {Anwynn}

Magick has helped me see myself as a Goddess.  I was brought up being taught that your body is your personal temple of God, we are all God's children and to treat every woman as if she is the mother of God.  However, for me personally ancient studies of old ways and primitive ritual makes it easier to grasp why we are all Gods and Goddesses.  Magick to me doesn't mean that I can snap my fingers and make things appear or disappear.  However, through the diligent practice of ritual we can change our thought patterns.  This can strengthen, condition and discipline our spiritual selves.  Also, I realize how imperative it is for me to know that I am a very much connected, breathing organism growing from Mother Earth.  Just as all plant life needs proper sun, water and a non-toxic environment to grow, so do we as intelligent life force. {Bonekeeper}     

Magick helps me to take action.  If I have a problem, rather than bargain or adopt a "Why me" attitude, I take action.  I do the things I need to do to change.  It hasn't been easy and  Wicca makes you look at your own life and problems first before looking elsewhere. But, it has been worth it. Going to ritual has an immensely grounding effect on me.  I feel "right" afterwards.  At peace, calm, and centered.  I never felt that way going to church. {Aster}

Magick and the goddess have helped to bring me to a place in my life that i have only dreamed of being at.  Saying that the all changes in life start out as a dream or goal and to help me realize my goals and Dreams I have use magick and my inner voice as a guide.  I use magick to realize the things that I see inside and to make them come to life. {Ipomea Sylvania}

It helps me focus my intent and I’m learning more and more that what you want wants you! As such, striving to remain positive in the face of challenges becomes all the more important. The tricky thing is figuring out what you really want, rather than what you think is going to bring you happiness or contentment. Also, follow-through is not voluntary!  Goddess is ever willing to help but She expects us to do our part in making our desires reality. {Melissa}

It helps me understand that I have the power, right, and obligation to make positive changes around me, and gives me a tool to assist in making those changes. It encourages me to exchange Hope for Intention. When looking to the Gods for help, it gives me the courage to ask, and at times demand what I want, instead of begging and pleading. {Windrider}

In knowing magick, one comes to know, understand, and honor the connection between all things. In this knowing, I have come to greater awareness of my self, and of the impact of my thoughts and actions on the greater whole as well as on my self. I have learned to connect. It has also led me to know many amazing spiritual beings who have added infinite layers to my life experience. Magick transforms and heals. {Danuael}

Magick is very powerful and empowering. It has opened my eyes to my own potential, to the power I have to manifest changes in my life. It has also made me aware of the responsibility that comes with taking ownership of that power and of the need to accept responsibility for my actions. Magick has brought me into a state of living much more consciously. {Pinewolf}

3. What made you seek out a coven?

I didn’t feel I was learning and growing as I wanted. I felt that I had taken my self as far as I could go and needed the guidance and directions of those more experienced than myself.  It is also good to see other perspectives. {Anwynn}

When it's time to learn, the teacher will appear.  I never sought out a coven because the inundation of healing faiths often perplexed me.   A coven member invited me to an open house ritual.  All energies felt very healthy, healing, and positive.  I feel blessed to have been introduced to the High Priestess and other coven members.  Philosophically, I am not easily influenced or persuaded to involve myself in matters that are not familiar or I have not researched.  Just because some things are good for the masses or only a few does not mean they are good for you.  Hence, after each and every ritual, the energies grew stronger and stronger.  Every gathering is another learning experience. {Bonekeeper}

I practiced solitary for a few years.  I needed structure.  I have a busy life with small children and I can't always seem to find the space or time needed.  Going to meet with the coven gives me the time that I need.  It also brings guidance. Just like going to church feeds the spirit of those who follow it, going to ritual feeds my spirit.  It is no different.  I do my own rituals at home as well, but it is good to have a set time to practice with others. {Aster}

I began to look for a coven when I realized that I wanted to have people around me that also believed in, and could relate to, the things that I was doing in my life. I wanted to be able to have people who supported me and would help me to grow in my life, and in return I could help others in the coven grow with me. {Ipomea Sylvania}

A need to belong, and to be with like minded people. But more importantly, magic is more about linking the needs of others with the wish to help them, than it is about personal gain. A coven allows for a greater range of positive energy, diffusing personal need, and raising up the wish for a greater good. {Astrien}

I reached a point in life where I felt able to reach out to others, though I never dreamed I would find a coven where I felt so at home and so welcome, almost immediately. When you practice alone, there is no real check and balance; a coven lends structure and discipline. {Melissa}

I began seeking for “home” for several months before I located MotherChant, knowing I needed to find my spiritual path, but I had no idea where it would take me. I instantly felt connected and knew I could find what I needed to learn with the coven. Books did not resonate as well with me, I wanted to really know what witches did. {Ma’athea Alea}

I wouldn’t exactly say I sought it; it was there in front of me for years, and as I learned more and became more comfortable with it, I realized that I wanted to be a part of it. {Windrider}

I believe that in any part of life, interaction with others is important. One can learn much as a solitary practitioner, but being part of a coven, or simply interacting with others who practice magick, offers many more opportunities to learn and grow. Also, magick is about connection to all of life. To me, to have a solitary practice without some form of connection with other Pagan’s and Spiritual practitioners would be missing what is essential. I felt that a coven would be not only a great place to meet and practice with others, but would offer a stronger connection and an opportunity to learn and grow. In WeavingFlame, I have found a powerful connection that I treasure. {Danuael}

The first few years since I chose a pagan path, I spent a lot of time either in books or in my head. Then I came to realize that no matter how useful the knowledge gleaned from books and websites may be, fellowship with others of like mind--at a coffee shop, on a hiking trail, in a canoe, or in a ritual circle--is as important as the books, if not more so.
So it was that I met our High Priestess, Ma'athea, at a local pagan meet-n-greet. Soon afterwards, I was invited to a few of rituals where I got the chance to meet the other coven members. I wasn't actually seeking out a coven to join per se, but I did want to move my focus from solitary study to working with other people and I felt comfortable working with this
group. {Pinewolf}

4. Why do you like being a member of this coven?

The peoples are wonderful, everyday people, no pretense.  I felt a connection with Ma’athea the first time I met her.  Everyone in the coven was very welcoming from day one.  Over the past year I have learned more about everyone and love them as individuals as well as a group.  Their  positive energy and power is amazing.  {Anwynn}

I enjoy being a member of Weaving Flame Coven for so many reasons.  As part of this magickal community I have been exposed to many wonderful and gifted beings.  I know that the High Priestess chooses her members carefully, without discrimination but with full reverence to herself and all coven members.  This alone is very safe and reassuring in addition to the High Priestess and her husband being very balanced and family-oriented individuals.  I have exposed my spirit to many diverse people, studied various organized religions, read literature of pagan faiths and delved into ancient philosophies.  I have been invited to worship in temples, churches, pavilions, homes, sanctuaries and fire circles.  I have a penchant for what indigenous surroundings foster people to do what they do.  All teachings can supplement other teachings.  We can learn from all creatures and each other.  {Bonekeeper}    

I love coming and being with everyone.  They are a wonderful group of people.  Everyone is nice and the HPS lets me badger her with questions.  I've learned more in the past 7 months than all those years spent reading books.  Everyone is so open and nonjudgmental.  You feel accepted and understood. {Aster}

This Coven has been a fantastic learning experience for me. I have seen many changes within this coven, but with each change I have seen new growth. We have learned to work together, and to be able to support one another in accomplishing each of our own goals and dreams.  As I move forward to getting my second degree I can look back on the years that I have spent with this coven and see the major changes that have taken place in my life and in the life of the coven. {Ipomea Sylvania}

They like my jokes. No really - they laugh at them.  If that isn't magic, then I don't know what is. Seriously, this has got to be one of the most accepting and loving groups I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of. Disagreements are rare and handled as adults.  Everyone has a deep belief in what we are doing. Everyone stands together during rituals, adding to each other's energy. It's really amazing to have such a group of people together like that. {Astrien}

I trust everyone implicitly. I know with utmost certainty that everyone in this coven wants what is best for me and that I feel the same for them. Our energies meld so well, there is no ego-tripping. Everyone is a valid contributing member, everyone’s opinion is valued. The coven has become a source of pride and comfort in my life and has helped me grow more ways than I can count. I am truly blessed.  {Melissa}

I enjoy relating to the other members, exchanging experiences and ideas. I think that being part of a strong group helps keep ones ideas from becoming too inbred. There is always someone who will challenge an Idea, and help you to strengthen it. And there is a lot of giving and receiving of support. {Windrider}

The whole of the coven is formed by a strong core of members. Each member brings something different and wonderful to the group. We learn from one another, we grow together, we enjoy each other. There is trust, commitment, and love. {Danuael}

Definitely the people. Take away the rituals, the chants, the songs, the robes, the trappings and the tools, and you are still left with a group of loving, dedicated individuals who have each others' best interests at heart. And that is all you really need to do any kind of magick! This coven is not about flash, pomp and circumstance. It's about initiating and sustaining genuine growth and healing among its members in a safe, nurturing environment. {Pinewolf}

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