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"There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique."
--Martha Graham

Why is this such a great quote? Because if we remember this, it will help us ignore those voices that so often plague us - the ones that say, "anyone can do that ", "it's all been done before", " I'm not very good at it, anyway", "what could I possible have to offer", etc.  But the truth is, whatever we try, adds some special energy to the world. Our efforts become jewels in the tapestry of the web, add texture to our world, and send off ripples of energy into the Universe to make things possible. Movement, change, and possibility happen when we spend the energy to create.

What is the basis behind our magickal work?

To us, rituals and celebrations shouldn’t be just the same re-hashing – they are created to get people to open up and FEEL.  Whether it’s focusing on the tiniest attribute of the Earth and studying it, or to letting yourself go flying through the whole of the Universe, we hope to make it more meaningful each time…But one needs time to focus, calm, center, then FEEL.  Most people can’t just drop down and feel deeply connnected. They need time to take off their masks, get out of their heads, turn their full attention elsewhere or inward, and then open up the door to the part of themselves that holds their feelings.  An inner expansion. Opening that door allows stimuli inward and reconnection outward. And this is the space we create when doing our work.

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A few Links

Melissa published her first book of poetry entitled Border Girl !  And she has quite a bit more for future volumes. You may contact us here to get in touch with her, if you like. You'll find 2 poems from her book on our poetry page.  She is also a professional beekeeper and you may find her and her partner's exceptionally yummy honey all over Chester County  Swarmbustin Honey.

Danuael and Halia have partnered in their holistic business, Wellness in Harmony.  Their mission is to provide holistic, energetic, and spiritual wellness services and classes for their community.  Visit www.wellnessinharmony.com for more details.
Danuael hosts the annual Autumn Goddess Retreat each fall.  The vision is to provide the an opportunity for men and women to come together in a relaxing and fun environment to pamper themselves, enjoy services from local holistic practitioners, attend a variety of fun and educational workshops, socialize and have fun.  Visit www.autumngoddessretreat.com for more details.

Rebekah has begun an on-line store called The Magickal Path.

All of Our members have a lot to be proud of !  Between raising children, working full-time, going back to school, or stretching their boundaries, they work hard at making their lives as functional and fulfilling as they can.  Each person's insight is priceless to all of us - each small step makes new ripples in the Web and improves the world a little at a time. 

A Kindred Spirit: We have a wonderful artist friend who beautifully paints the Gods into being on her canvas. Check out Sophia's website for some stunning artwork.  Her attention to detail is phenomenal! She sells quite a few prints and notecards - you may have seen her work at gatherings and local pagan shops.

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