Our Philosophy


What does WeavingFlame believe?                      What are our paradigms?

            What do we try to live by and what makes us unique?

I hesitate to define who we are, but it may help give you an idea about what we might be like.  We connect with the Goddesses and Gods, the Earth and the Universe - the Web of Life.  We also believe in growing, healing and changing from within ourselves to bring about changes around ourselves. We are witches, pagans, and shamans. We are eclectic in our approach - we do what works, and go where the Gods, spirits, and our wise-selves lead. Inspiration comes from our own individual work, but we have our traditional style that is often the framework behind our circles. A few simple examples include making a safe and sacred space, summoning directional guardians, and often invoking deity into our rituals. We know everything we do has a consequence, thus we believe in individual accountability and responsibility - what most people call Karma. We believe in the cycles of death and re-birth, as well as reincarnation. However, we do not embrace other dogmatic religious systems in our space, though we tolerate other's beliefs.

A few favorite quotes:

"Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead."
-Louisa May Alcott

"You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do".
- Eleanor Roosevelt

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The Pale Blue Dot - This thought-provoking picture should transcend every dogma touted today. 
For it does not matter,
who you see as your Creator, but what you do with it's creation. 

We believe witches must learn to stretch their boundaries.  This is how a person learns to feel more secure, and to find balance. We begin to know what is on both sides of that tightrope we walk everyday - between the magickal and mundane; the physical and the mental; the scientific and the mystical; the past and the present, our loves and our hates, etc. The more those boundaries are pushed, the more we confidently stand in our own integrity.

What does Healing mean to us?
It means learning to change dysfunctional, unproductive and self-degrading behaviors. No one is perfect, but we have high aspirations, and do a lot of introspection. We gain a lot of insight through changes. Wisdom is the product of learning from the mistakes of the past, so that we may improve the future. It is the result of a changing perspective. There are also other reasons we do healing work:      

Communication within the coven is also a big consideration for us, as well. We believe in being open and honest with ourselves and each other. The best way to clear the air, become less frightened or angry, or to understand something is to ask questions. As long as we talk about our concerns when they come up, no matter what it is or what it is about, we will keep the space healthy and workable. As for answers, you may not always hear what you hope to hear. If it is a magickal question, many times guidance or techniques to get there are the only “answers” you can be given. The Craeft is a mystery religion and we know that direct personal understanding and experience is the best way to truly learn, just like any other learning process. It is incredibly gratifying when you actually reach conclusions yourself instead of having them handed to you; they actually become a part of your being, not a factoid to file away in your mind. 

Ethical Considerations:
There are many views and values within the community.  I happen to be an idealist and do believe in the phrase "walk your talk".  It is best to try, rather than give up. Goals are meant to be worked toward and we learn valuable lessons along our path, even if that path is windy and meandering.  Sometimes it needs to be.

Magickal courtesy

Yes, we occasionally do skyclad rituals.  I love the phrase "clad in nothing but the sky". Sacred and safe space is a primary consideration for such times.  However, once that is established, it will enable a witch to grow into their personal freedom and acceptance of others. We learn to treat our bodies, as well as our mind, with love and respect.

Issues of herbal hallucinogens and marijuana.
There is much debate in our community about them. As for recreational use, I feel it is the business of the individual, unless it begins to have a detrimental effect on the person or those around them, especially in regards to magickal space. Our group rule is that it is not done in our ritual workings. First, usage is illegal (we operate fully within the boundaries of the law), and it jeopardizes and endangers those around us. Second, they have had so much use in the realm of “recreational escape” that many people would have a hard time using them properly in magickal space. The healing work and techniques we practice need a clear mind and body. I also believe when people have their experiences clear-headed and relaxed, they can’t explain it away as “the drug” that made them see or feel something - it gives much more realness to our experiences. Not to mention, our minds can be trained without substances, they are powerful tools.

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